Ejo Heza (Bright Future) Sewing Project

Year: 2021
Country: Rwanda
Project Investment: $5,160.00
Project Status: Unfunded
Sector: Economic Opportunity

Project Launch: 12-7-20

Given the high unemployment among women and youth in Kabayengo village, this women-led community organization, Ejo Heza (Bright Future), came together with CorpsAfrica Rwanda to design a sewing project. The first iteration of the project will train 100 community members how to sew shawls, school sweaters, scarves, and head covers. As this community experiences a cold climate and heavy rainfall, there is a big market for woven clothing. Participants' products will be sold at Birembo Market, a busy market with a lot of customer foot traffic. Profits will be distributed to the producers and reinvested back into the program to train future cohorts. 

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