Over $5 million in more than 1,600 projects
across 42 countries, impacting over 1,000,000 lives.

World Connect improves the lives of people, particularly women and girls, in extremely marginalized communities by connecting resources to local leaders to drive and sustain their own progress in the critical areas of Health, Education, Economic Opportunity and Environment.



Partnering with communities to improve the quality of health services and infrastructure



Improving access to and quality of educational opportunities for young people

Economic Opportunity

Economic Opportunity

Supporting women-focused micro and small business development



Encouraging entrepreneurship and innovative approaches to sustainable development

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Feature Projects

Featured Projects

No Pads, Sew Pads

100% decrease in urinary tract infection for girls who are using the reusable pads

Strong Women

Women-led cooperative was launched and members reported a reduction in domestic violence due to new economic strength

No Sex for Fish

Women-led fishing enterprise was launched and traditional sex-trade for fish reduced by 85%

Youth Inspiration Academy

Democratic Republic of Congo
Two new classrooms constructed and increase in student enrollment

Student Projects

We’ve partnered with schools throughout the US and UK to help students gain greater appreciation of geography, culture and core philanthropic principles. To date, kids have raised $64,000 for 50 projects. See their impact below.