4P's Parent Leader Livelihood Training

Year: 2014
Country: Philippines
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $2,250.95

Project Launch:

The Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4P’s) is a national program that invests in the health and education of poor households, particularly of children aged 0-18 years old. Within the 4P’s, each neighborhood has elected Parent Leaders that act as liaisons between the administrators of the program and the beneficiaries. World Connect will support the launch of a training program for parent leaders that focuses on basic livelihood skills, such as food processing and preservation, and  meat processing. By offering extra support and assistance, this project will improve the parent leaders’ access to educational and an extra income generating opportunities. The training sessions will help empower women to have ownership over project, as well as grant them greater responsibility in the public sphere. Furthermore, the trainings will help to improve the community leaders self-worth and self-confidence.


Project Update

47 parent leaders, all women, attended the three-day training workshop, where they were trained in meat and food processing. The workshops focused on small business management, packaging and labeling, and microfinance. The women received hands-on instruction in making five local meat-based foods and four snacks. Each participant was given a kit to take home which included a mixing bowl, whisk, measuring cups and spoons, ladle, hair net, and apron. Equipped with new skills and recipes, the parent leaders returned to their barangays and trained members in their own community, empowering them to learn how to cook and generate additional income. Two Parent Leaders are applying for a loan from the Sustainable Livelihood Program, a national program within the Department of Social Welfare and Development, which will be used to advance their small food business.



“You cannot get rid of poverty simply by giving people money. Rather, we should educate them on how to earn money. During the hands-on training for the meat and food processing you can see on the Parent Leaders' faces how this new information and techniques have brought excitement to them. This program promotes the empowerment of women, allowing them a means to earn additional income.” - Marilyn, Project Leader 


"Before we were dealing with our daily existence but now your support will help me provide for my family and the children's school needs." - Adelaida, Project Participant 


"This project is why I joined Peace Corps. It gave me the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with a local counterpart, to inspire local organizations to work together, and to improve the quality of life for community members." - Elizabeth, Peace Corps Leader

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