A Brighter Future

Year: 2018
Country: Panama
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Environment
Project Investment: $2,245.00

Project Launch: 8-24-18

This project is aimed at providing a rural community located in the hills Western Panama with access to solar electricity. With this World Connect grant, the community will install solar panels to provide 26 households with light. The project is also aimed at teaching community members about more environmentally friendly solutions such as: waste management, recycling, organic soil, natural pesticides, composting and how to reuse plastic and other materials. The participants will also carry out five community street cleanups and build trash bins out of used water-bottles as a part of an anti-littering campaign. With a series of trainings and the installation of household solar panels, this project aims to generate both electricity and community-wide environmental awareness. World Connect is not fundraising for this project at the request of or on behalf of Peace Corps.

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