Year: 2021
Country: Ghana
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $4,987.17

Project Launch: 12-21-21

The Abordahe, Amezakope, and Xakope Parents and Teachers Association from Abordahe in the Volta Region of Ghana will drill a mechanised borehole at Abordahe AX DA Basic School, which will be used to supply water to toilets that will be constructed. The water from the borehole will be pumped using an electric motor into a tank before it is channelled to supply the toilets and water taps. In a community that grapples with scarcity of freshwater and incidents of open defecation, the project will help provide access to fresh and clean water to students and members of the community and reduce incidents of open defecation, thereby reducing the occurrence of  waterborne diseases. A total of 285 students at the school will be impacted by the project, in addition to the community members who are indirectly affected.

Project Update: 5-24-22

Using $4,987.17 grant funds, the Parents’ Teachers Association at Abordahe AX DA Basic School has installed a borehole, two water tanks, and two water taps and purchased all required material for the project. Students and community members have already started using water via two taps at the school. As for the toilets, cement blocks were molded and work began with constructing the toilet’s drainage system. The group is currently casting concrete in the hole and plastering the walls of the drainage system. Construction of the toilet walls has also started  with the foundation already laid. Once completed, the toilets will help reduce incidents of open defecation, thereby reducing the occurrence of  waterborne disease.