Aburi Amanfo School Renovation Project

Year: 2023
Country: Ghana
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $4,212.30

Project Launch: 1-12-24

In this project, the Chiefs and Elders Council from Yaw Duodu plans to renovate the Aburi Amanfo Junior High School building which is dilapidated due to heavy rains and winds. The structure has a broken roof and ceiling which makes learning a challenge during adverse weather conditions, especially during winter, summer and rainy seasons. The disruptions in classes have reduced student’s attendance, subsequently negatively impacting their academic performance. Through the project, the community will paint the structure, install a new roof composed of wood and ceiling, and will equally install electrical wiring and fans in all three classrooms and office space. This will render the school building conducive for learning, thereby enhancing quality learning and teaching as both teachers and ninety-nine (99) students will comfortably use the renovated spaces. 

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