Action for Women Bakery

Year: 2017
Country: Rwanda
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $5,263.00

Project Launch: 2-14-17

The Action for Women Foundation (AWF) was started in 2014 and has 34 members, all single mothers in the Nyabisindu neighborhood of Kigali, Rwanda. Many are HIV positive. It formed to create a way for women to earn a sustainable livelihood. Traditionally, single mothers living in impoverished zones had little to no opportunities to earn an income. Today, AWF hosts several income generating projects for its members. Their latest proposal is to kickstart a permanently sited bakery in Kigali for 8 of its members. While these women have produced their own baked goods at market, they do not yet have a business space in which to operate their enterprise. The establishment of a location will allow them to develop and expand their business, particularly in the first two years of operation.



Final Report: 11-9-17

AWF used the grant funding to hold a refresher training in baking for 60 women, purchase supplies and equipment, and hire the best graduates from the training to work in the Action for Women Bakery (AWB). 8 women began baking and selling daily, offering a selection of cakes, donuts, chapatis, and samosa to local customers. Since April, the bakery has generated a total revenue of nearly $12,000 and gross profit of $3,500. 

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