The Art and Identity Program

Year: 2008
Country: Belize
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $500.00

Project Launch:

The Art and Identity Club flourished with the infiltration of new funds and supplies. Within the first months of receiving their funds the children created a public mural in the village. 26 children participated in the painting of the mural and a an additional 36 kids showed up for the grand opening. This mural will continue to enhance the aesthetics of the village. The children gained self esteem and confidence from the painting of this mural as they saw what they could achieve through hard work and dedication. The children opened up both verbally and through the media of art. The children have made plans to begin a second mural at their school and other community’s have approached them asking for one of their own. As the mural was getting painted the larger community became interested in the work, which drew the children and members of the community closer together.

The Art Summer Camp will include an additional 20 students while the supplies handed out to students in the area will help an extra 400 students. Many children will not forget when they learnt through this club and will take lessons of self esteem, self worth, and confidence with them through the rest of their lives. Punta Gorda Methodist School educates 200 Belize youth, starting in their Pre-School year. Every Thursday afternoon some of the children take and Art and Identity class. The children are taught a new art skill with a life skill woven into the lesson plan. The children are benefiting from this program by learning both exciting new art skills and lessons that will help them through life. Although the children are dedicated to their club, the lack of supplies is thwarting their artistic efforts. The clubs first set of supplies were donated by families in the U.S but where quickly used up. Even through the children’s efforts to fundraise, they where not able to make enough money to sustain the club. Punta Gorda is in the poorest district in Belize with 79% of the population living below the UNDP poverty line and therefore it is hard for families to donate even the smallest sum of money or supplies. The Kids to Kids grant will make it possible for the students to receive art supplies that will allow the club not only to continue but to grow and accept new students. The children’s art skills will increase along with the life lesson they will learn. The children in Punta Gorda deserve art supplies to allow them to express them selves and have fun.