Artisanal Fabric

Year: 2015
Country: Senegal
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $473.23

Project Launch: 2-17-16

This project will increase the capacity of a women’s artisan cooperative as they expand their clothing business. With an injection of capital, the women will purchase fabric to make outfits to sell at the weekly market. Once 20 outfits are sold, revenue will be reinvested to purchase more materials to start the next production cycle, while remaining profits will be distributed amongst the members. As the business expands, the women will sell their clothes in larger outlets, such as markets and festivals in other regions, offering them numerous opportunities to network and generate more income.

Project Update: 5/20/16

Every Saturday, the cooperative meets to hand dye fabric. To date, the women have made 20 outfits, which they have been selling at the weekly market. In addition to their stand at the market place, the cooperative has been taking custom orders as well. Everyone in the community, including the village chief and village elders, are very supportive of the cooperative and have been spreading the word about their fabric business.

Final Report: 9/29/2016

The women sold 17 of their pieces at the local market, netting revenue to reinvest in their operation. Some participants are interested in soap-making and expanding the venture to other income-generating activities.


"The women of Centre Thille Boubacar are happy because we work every Saturday, we show our skills to everyone in our community, and we take home money for our families." - Bineta, Project Leader

"Everyone in our community loves our fabrics, and it is certain that we will sell all of the fabrics by the end of Ramadam." - Adama, Project Participant

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