Bathroom Construction and Hygiene Education in Peru - Phase 1

Year: 2015
Country: Peru
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $5,000.00

Project Launch: 1-13-16

This project will provide seven at-risk families in the rural communities of Molino Chocope and Molino Larco with proper bathroom facilities, equipped with running water, a toilet, sink, and shower. Each bathroom will connect to an individual biodigester, which converts human waste into fertilizer and biogas. Before construction, participating families will engage in trainings focused on hygiene, water treatment, safe water storage, and hand-washing, as well as proper maintenance and management of the biodigesters and bathrooms. By increasing access to sanitary facilities, this project will improve community-level sanitation and hygiene, and reduce water contamination and related illnesses.

Progress Update: 4/17/16

Through personalized home visits from local health staff, the participating families learned about water treatment, water storage, the importance of hand-washing and proper ways to separate and sort trash. With the help of community members, local masons have begun to construct the first four bathrooms and will build the remaining three over the next few weeks.

Progress Update: 9/5/2016

Seven complete bathrooms (toilet, sink, and shower) have been successfully constructed. All that remains to be done is establishing the piping between the biodigestor and the outflow of the homes.


"Many of the things that we learned during the training were things that perhaps we had heard about, but had not actually been taught. Also there were several things we learned that we had never heard about before. For example, I had only ever boiled my water, but now I know other methods that I can use to save money, which are also effective. These are things that are going to help us in the home." - Geny, Project Participant