Bookaclan Kigo Knowledge Hub

Year: 2020
Country: Nigeria
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $5,000.28

Project Launch: 2-12-20

A community in Kaduna State is utilizing $5,000.28 to set up a knowledge hub for a community. This hub will provide a library with books, computers, and a play section for toddlers to advance their development. A dilapidated classroom at the local school will be renovated and will be connected to an extra classroom nearby thereby expanding the facility. The library will be furnished with bookshelves, books, computers, furniture and toys. In order for the space to be fully utilized and improve the learning of the community’s students, the project will organize meetings with various stakeholders including the State Universal Basic Education Board, teachers, and parents to adopt a daily DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) time and a weekly library period in the school. This project will provide a positive space for children, parents and teachers to help students thrive and advance their academics.

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