Bookaclan Kigo WASH project

Year: 2020
Country: Nigeria
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $4,835.88

Project Launch: 10-27-20

At this school in Kigo, Nigeria, over 70% of students are absent from school for at least five days per term due to avoidable diseases caused by poor sanitation and hygiene. The School-Based Management Committee has come up with a plan to provide access to potable drinking water and clean, safe restrooms. Frist, they will drill a borehole and mount a water holding tank. The water will be pumped by solar panels, mounted on a structure housing the water tank. Whereas students previously left campus to access water, this will provide safe drinking water on campus for students, teachers, and the public school community. Second, they will replace four pit toilets with flushable toilets, connected to the water source. Handwashing stations will also be erected. This will improve the hygiene of the school community, thus improving the health and attendance of the children. A sensitization seminar will be held to teach the school community how to use the new facilities well. 

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