Baking for Action: Building Skills, Investing in Lives

Year: 2015
Country: Rwanda
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $592.03

Project Launch: 6-15-15

Nyabisindu is a low-income community in Kigali. In 2014, a local organization Action for Women Foundation formed to empower women and implement development projects to improve the community. The group works with vulnerable women, the majority of them single heads of households and many living with HIV. This project will lead to baking and financial management workshops for 20 women in Nyabisindu, providing them with skills and tools needed to start a small baking business to generate income to support themselves and their families.

Project Update

42 women participated in finance and business workshops, where they learned the basics of financial management. 22 of the women also participated in a baking workshop, where they learned how to bake amandazi cakes, chapatti, and samosas. Using skills and knowledge gained from the two workshops, some of the women have started their own small independent businesses, where they sell baked goods at the local market. Moving forward, the women intend to form a cooperative in order to work together to launch and grow a bakery business.


"After the training, I got the skills that have now enabled me to get some clients and start a business." - Beatrice, Project Participant 

"The training gave a sense of direction to these women." - Marvin, Project Leader

"This project introduced women to financial skills that can change their lives--savings goals, budgeting, tracking finances, and planning. They are ready for the next step in their baking business." - Rebeca, Peace Corps Volunteer