Building Social Support Networks for Children with Disabilities and Their Families

Year: 2017
Country: Cambodia
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $3,740.00

Project Launch: 7-20-17

Cambodian children with disabilities and their families lack support and resources available to similar children and families in the developed world. There is no national system of economic support, very few services exist to help families understand and meet their child's special needs or help their child reach their potential, no public education is available for children with even the mildest disabilities, and there is very limited health care available. In addition to all of these challenges, the children and their families face severe social isolation for a number of logistical and cultural reasons.

Safe Haven's groups for children with disabilities and their families can address these needs by bringing together children and families for education, therapy, and an opportunity for peer support that is not otherwise available. Safe Haven staff will also visit children and families at home to provide individualized therapy, education, and support, but center-based small groups address the social needs of these families as well. Parents learn from one another, children with disabilities and their siblings have an opportunity to meet other children with similar challenges, and new networks of social support can be developed.

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