Bumba Women's Bakery

Year: 2016
Country: Rwanda
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $4,782.70

Project Launch: 9-23-16

The all-female Mama Dunia Cooperative has traditionally organized itself around agriculture, harvesting and selling vegetables to support women and their families in rural Rutsiro District, Rwanda. Comprised of local female villagers, the cooperative has continued to consider other ways to develop revenues. A desire to create better livelihoods in the poor region spurred members to pursue the idea of running their own bakery. The operation of a bakery would provide employment, economic opportunity, and delicious bread to local families. Using an existing unused building, the cooperative would like to rehabilitate the space, purchase baking equipment, and complete the occupational and financial training necessary to ensure stable operation of the business.

Final Report: 11/22/2016

The bakery has been constructed and inaugurated! The newly trained baking collective has officially launched their business and will begin taking their first orders within the month!


"This project has helped the women to become more independent as they are working in the bakery and making their own income. The women are empowered to improve their lives and the lives of their children through this initiative. One of the goals of the business is also to be a support to the women of the cooperative and their families. After about half a year of saving all profits from the bakery, the plan is to use some profits to pay for health insurance for the women's families. It is a social enterprise that will help the women to be independent as well as take care of their families." - Sophia, Peace Corps Volunteer

"The Bumba Women's Bakery project has helped me to learn about how to make bread that is good for me and it has helped me to have a job to earn money to support my family." - Project Beneficiary