Chithamutumba Borehole Project

Year: 2022
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $5,211.27

Project Launch: 9-5-22

In a quest to provide accessible and clean water to Chithamutumba village in Mzimba district, Chissy Zimba in collaboration with the Village Development Committee and community members will drill a borehole and install an Afridev water pump. The $5,211.27 new water source will not only serve the 233 households that are in this village, but it will also serve the five villages that surround it with approximately 1600 people.  The water source will reduce water borne diseases and distance currently being taken to access clear and safe water.

Project Update: 10-12-22

Barely a month after funding on September 03, 2022, the Chithamuthumba Village Development Committee has dug a 43 meters deep borehole and installed an Afri Dev pump in Chithamuthumba community.  A total of 233 households have already started using the borehole which has been installed in the middle of five villages.. Prior to the project, community members used to travel 1.5 kilometers on average to access water for household use, which has been reduced as the water point has been conveniently located close to their homes. Towera Manda, a 65-year-old community member, said, “We did not know that we could have a borehole in our village. This water is as good as that treated by Water-board authorities. We are grateful to World Connect for this blessing".