Chairs and tables for classroom

Year: 2016
Country: Albania
Project Investment: $1,291.06
Project Status: Funded
Sector: Education

Project Launch:

Sami Frasheri High School has recently launched its Student Friendly School Initiative designed to replaced damaged, failing academic furniture. A lack of investment in tables, desks, and chairs means that some 400 students must use crumbling,. broken furniture. Much of it is no longer functional, forcing some students to sit on the floors during their classes. These conditions reduce student academic performance and harm the ability for teaching to be as effective. This project calls for the purchase of new 15 tables and 80 new chairs so that all students can fully participate in their lessons.

Final Report: 3/28/2017

The new desks, chairs, and tables have allowed the reorganization of classrooms and meeting spaces. Parent-teacher conferences are now held without struggle and students can work without the distraction of broken furniture. Classrooms are now not only more productive, but aesthetically motivating.


"This is to show respect for the parents of the community who helped donated money for new desks and chairs. Parents care for their children's education and we try our best to bring that by having a positive learning environment. Having new desks and chairs makes students feel excited and feel more motivated to learn because teachers feel happy when they see new things in their classroom." - Sokol, Project Leader

"The desks are easy to write on and look comfortable and fun." - Local student, Project Participant