Community Eco-Stoves Promoting Healthier Households and a Healthier Environment - World Connect

Year: 2016
Country: Panama
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $2,305.85

Project Launch: 5-19-16

Ciri Grande is a small subsistence farming community in the rural interior of Panama, where the majority of families use traditional wood fire stoves. This method uses an unsustainable amount of wood and emits substantial amounts of smoke, adversely impacting respiratory health. This project will provide 19 families with eco-stoves as well as build two communal stoves for the local church and community center. The stoves will lower demand of firewood on the local forests, reduce indoor air pollution, and decrease labor and time spent collecting firewood, which is routinely done by women and children. Before receiving the eco-stoves, each family is required to participate in four community clean ups and attend workshops focused on stove maintenance and money management strategies to prepare for future repairs.  

Progress Update: 8/26/2016

10 of the eco-stoves have been constructed with the remaining stoves to be built upon receipt of heavy duty bricks. The community has also organized a clean-up committee composed of individuals representing different localities in the area. All of the families that have received their stoves are pleased with their efficiency.

Final Report: 1/17/2017

The remaining eco-stoves have been completed. The community clean-ups managed to retrieve litter and garbage that had accumulated in Ciri Grande. The women's environmental group has sold homemade food to supplement the organization's budget. With the close of this project, the community is identifying its priorities.