Born Ready for Technology: Computer Education for a Competitive Future

Year: 2015
Country: El Salvador
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $4,608.00

Project Launch:

This project aims to make computer education more accessible in Caserio San Jose, a remote community that lacks potable water, paved roads, sewage systems, and public secondary education. The local school’s computer lab will be renovated and receive sixteen new computers. Students and teachers will participate in computer workshops and the school will host weekly computer literacy classes for local women’s groups, teaching them how to use Excel for bookkeeping purposes and the Internet for research. The school is committed to improving computer education in their curriculum in order to equip students and community members with valuable skills for future academic and professional ventures.

Project Update

The computer lab has successfully been renovated and outfitted with 16 new computers. The community was very involved throughout the whole process and several of them helped clean the lab and are making cloth covers for the computers. The school is in the process of creating and implementing a schedule for student and adult computer classes.


"I will benefit from this project because I will finally learn how to use computers. I have no knowledge of computers and I am eager to learn. One day I wish for my children to own a computer so that they can have a job at a bank or somewhere important." - Delmy, Project Participant 

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