Engaged Youth, Empowered Community: Conscious Youth Group in Peace Corps Georgia

Year: 2016
Country: Georgia
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $1,733.11

Project Launch:

In Georgia, elevated rates of alcoholism, domestic violence, and substance abuse have become a serious issue, compounded by high unemployment, lack of opportunity, and underinvestment in social support services. This project calls for the training and creation of a local youth corps in which youth leaders will serve as community health educators and offer support and information to those affected by these problems. In this manner, individuals can begin to draw upon their local neighbors and acquaintances as they develop better mental health and wellness.  

Progress Update: 3/2/2017

A local psychologist will be offering free private counseling to local teenagers this season under the auspices of this project. In addition, a Facbeook page will be revived to better target outreach to teenagers living in the area.  


"I partnered alongside schools, churches, nonprofits, community groups, after school programs and neighbors at large to acknowledge the social determinants of their community's health and to assist in improving the quality of life. I feel this youth group can be an extension of that effort. By the end of the year I hope for participants to understand that real change won't come with money or through government programs but with small actions made on the local level. They are that action." - Amanda, Peace Corps Volunteer

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