Construction of a Classroom block at Msazi Primary School

Year: 2021
Country: Malawi
Project Investment: $9,485.45
Project Status: Funded
Sector: Education

Project Launch: 5-14-21

With $9,485.45, Child Support for Development in partnership with Msazi School Management Committee will construct a two-roomed classroom block to support education of 150 learners in standards six and seven at Msazi Primary School.  The completion and use of this new school block will increase the number of classes with improved learning space to six from four. Currently, four classes with over 300 learners learn under the trees with lessons disrupted during adverse weather conditions. The unconducive learning environments and class disturbances have continually affected teachers’ abilities to complete lesson syllabi, leading to poor performance of the school in both zonal and national examinations. once completed, 160 learners will have impacted as they will use the space leaving 140 still learning under the trees. This project will  also support communities as thye will have adequate space to use for meetings during off school days. 

Project Update: 9-14-21

Child Support for Development, a community based organization led by Wezzie Longwe has in partnership with Msazi community members completed 70% construction of a classroom block at Msazi Primary School to provide a conducive learning environment to learners at the school.  The major activities remaining to fully complete the two roomed classroom block include flooring, plastering, fitting glasses, painting and construction of drainage system.  Over 160 learners who are now learning either under the trees or in a makeshift classroom will use these classes which are expected to reduce rate of absenteeism and leading to improved performance in exams.

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