The Durres Media Project

Year: 2015
Country: Albania
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $3,935.72

Project Launch: 1-22-16

While Durres is the second largest city in Albania and geographically close to the capital, there is little access to local, independent media sources for residents, and limited opportunity for young people to actively participate in the media. In collaboration with local universities, this project is focused on training 30 young people in journalism, radio and digital media, in order to launch an online media platform and 24-hour radio program in Durres. Using new media equipment, the students will interview community members on important issues, such as health, entertainment and the environment, and will publish the content on their website and radio program. This project will support the rise of citizen journalists in Albania by giving youth a voice in a pubic forum on important cultural topics and breaking news.

Project Update: 6/21/16

They have led a series of informational sessions to let the community know why they might want to join the project and to demonstrate why independent media is important in changing the conversation in the city. They have lots of interest in the project and participants have been incredibly engaging. They have been holding weekly meetings with participants and they are all looking forward to working on the radio program.

Final Report: 3/21/2017

At the end of 2016, one of the participants won Young Journalist of the Year 2016 which was a huge achievement and the group have made many media appearances talking about youth activism and using journalism as a tool. There has also been interest from other groups around Albania to create similar projects in their cities. A small group formed in January 2016 in the town of Fier, Albania.


"I am so excited to see the impact the project has had on the youth of Durres. Making radio, videos, and writing articles is an activity the participants enjoy doing and it has given them a creative outlet and skills they didn't have before. I have seen a lot more confidence, creativity, and critical thinking skills that are essential to their futures and to the future of Albania." - Jacqueline, Peace Corps Volunteer

"We have partnered with a few organizations and have a good group of people interested in the platform and the activities we are doing. The Culture Palace has given us a room free of charge for a 3 year contract and has been very supportive of the project. We are also doing trainings and presentations at high schools with our current group to encourage new people to join and to be interested in media." - Valmira, Project Leader

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