Early Childhood Education Center and Adult Literacy

Year: 2018
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $3,520.75

Project Launch: 7-2-18

The community of Huwa recognizes that early childhood development and education are key to a full productive life for children and progress for the entire nation of Malawi. The community is putting effort into making sure that children develop with full cognitive, emotional, social, and physical potential. Likewise, adult literacy is of great concern for those who did not have the had chance to learn or get formal education. 

The community is focusing on providing better quality education for children and a secure foundation for learning in an encouraging and nurturing environment. To make this a reality, the community is organizing their assets to build a nursery school. They plan to use the same facility for adult literacy education. The people believe that the facilities will be a valuable resource in addressing educational challenges in the community.

Project Update: 8-20-18

Construction has reached its halfway point. Chairs have been built. The superstructure for the learning facility remains in progress.

Final Report: 11-7-18

Just a few months ago there was no learning space for nursery school kids in Huwa community. Now, over 56 children are learning in a safe and encouraging environment representing 30.2% from the initial total that were learning under the tree. In addition, the space has opened up opportunity for 40 men and women who started using the space for adult literacy classes with the aim of improving their reading and writing skills. Taking advantage of the facility, Huwa Village Development Committee have also introduced monthly underfive clinic sessions with over 200 children weighed every month.  The community believes that this project will have long lasting impact on the children as they prepare for their education and the community at large as the now have time to do other work while the children are at their secured school.

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