Eco-Friendly School Farms

Year: 2018
Country: Nigeria
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $3,729.05

Project Launch: 6-4-18

With the soaring rate of socio-economic challenges faced by smallholder farmers, children of school age are usually the most disadvantaged in the household. These children are faced with malnutrition and are usually unable to participate fully in school as a result of this and thus perform marginally in their academics. In spite of being raised in agrarian communities of Lagos State and having the benefit of education, children of smallholder farmers have shown to contribute very little to innovating new methods using the knowledge they acquire in school. The education the children receive in school neither prepares them for highly skilled urban jobs nor improves their agricultural knowledge to become more successful farmers, thereby propagating a cycle of poverty.

This project seeks to expose these children to eco-friendly farming techniques as a strategy to improve local output and nutrition, reduce waste, and increase income. Using lessons and demonstration school gardens as a starting point, the hope is that children will be in the position to use their knowledge to share skills and new ideas with their families. This knowledge transfer will result in increased agricultural output and income for these rural constituencies.

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