Year: 2023
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $5,148.48

Project Launch: 12-6-23

Chitika Village Forest Area  and World Connect Malawi will co-invest in a project  aimed at promoting natural regeneration at the community created VFA in Rumphi District. The project envisages adding 60 more hives, procuring harvesting and processing materials, and in-depth training that will equip the community with relevant skills and ability to run and sustain the project. A total of 62 households are to benefit from this project once completed. The generated income will among others support the community to build a community clinic, rehabilitate an early childhood development center, community water connections and continue helping the needy and in the area. 

Project Update: 2-19-24

Using $5,148.48, The Chitandika Village Forest Area has purchased 3 bee suits, 4 honey sieves, 350 packaging bottles, 4 harvesting buckets and made 20 beehives in addition to 15 hanged in the first small grants project. Additionally, the group has also trained 16 farmers in financial management/book keeping, honey packaging and marketing, honey harvesting and processing, hive making and management to allow them successfully to run their business.  The group remains with procurement of 40 beehives, bee suits and print stickers for the honey packaging bottles to complete the project

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