Edu-Mental Hub

Year: 2023
Country: Nigeria
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $1,997.43

Project Launch: 4-26-23


With $1997.43 Edu Mental Hub aims to address the critical need for Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Counseling Training for teachers and parents to effectively support children, particularly those from troubled homes. The project's major activities include establishing clubs in public schools to provide a safe haven for pupils, organizing a two-day training program for 150 existing teachers in three local governments of Ogun state, training 200 parents on emotional intelligence, and providing virtual emotional intelligence training for 875 Teach For Nigeria fellows. The focus on training aims to equip educators and parents with the skills needed to navigate and address the emotional needs of children facing challenges at home. The majority of the grant will be allocated to training sessions, including classroom rehabilitation for conducive learning environments, and providing necessary materials for teachers, parents, and community leaders to maximize the impact of the initiative.

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