Building Capacity, Building Ovens, and Improving the Lives of Local Women and their Dependents

Year: 2016
Country: Nicaragua
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $579.82

Project Launch: 8-10-16

In Condega, population growth combined with unsustainable harvesting of firewood for fuel has resulted in significant deforestation throughout the municipality. This project will train eight families to make their own efficient ovens, and to plant and harvest the fast growing, drought resistant moringa trees as a more sustainable fuel source than other local trees. The families will also participate in baking and business workshops to launch and sustain profitable cooking ventures.

Progress Update - 1/10/2017

8 ovens have been constructed. Six recipients have used the new ovens to expand their baking and cooking businesses. The next phase of the project hopes to monitor how much profit is created by the entire effort.


"Having participated in this project, and providing an opportunity for women in the community who have demonstrated the initiative to implement small businesses has been an enriching and novel experience. I feel satisfied to have supported this group of eight women with limited economic opportunities to implement their knowledge to produce baked goods which are in high-demand in our municipality. They just needed a little nudge to begin improving their quality of life." - Alcira, Project Leader

"Now for every 450 cordobas I invest in product (flour, baking powder, etc), I earn 350 cordobas in total. Sometimes people request cakes for special events, and I make a little more money off of those." - Maria, Project Participant

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