Promoting Female Farmers in Iteele Settlement, Ijebu Ode

Year: 2018
Country: Nigeria
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $4,972.22

Project Launch: 10-18-18

Cash crops in Nigeria remain an important avenue of livelihoods in rural communities in the country. Most non-subsistence farmers are elderly men who are gradually aging out of the profession. There is a need for young, trained farmers to take their place. Though the country is fertile, a number of challenges threaten its agricultural industry. Poor technical training, lack of inclusion of women in the value chain, transportation challenges, and produce contamination frequently undercut harvest profitability.

This project proposes engagement and training of 20 young female farmers working in Southern Nigeria. Participants will receive workshops and support to develop stable, high-quality harvests that will generate a reliable income and promote their social visibility in the agricultural industry.

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