Expanding Science Education: Construction of a Twin Science Laboratory

Year: 2012
Country: Kenya
Project Investment: $9,977.90
Project Status: Funded
Sector: Education

Project Launch:

The sciences comprise almost half of the academic curricula of the Kenyan education system and make up 40% of the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education examination, which students must pass to even consider going to college or university. In order to fully grasp biological, chemical and physical scientific concepts and be prepared for the exam, hands-on, practical experiments and demonstrations are essential for students. At many schools, however, these experiments and demonstrations are impossible as functioning school science laboratories are highly uncommon. Students must learn experimental skills through textbook and theoretical teaching, with limited applied experience. With a grant from World Connect, the 460 current students at the Shiandiche Secondary School and future students will gain the opportunity to study science in a new, state of the art school laboratory.