Grow Garden Project

Year: 2010
Country: Belize
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $500.00

Project Launch:

Belmopan, Belize, also known as the “Garden City”, actually has very few gardens and not one of them, prior to 2010, was a community garden. With support from World Connect’s Kids to Kids Program, the community cultivated a garden at the Garden City Primary School in Belmopan. The garden is now an active, hands-on project for small group of students after school that provides lessons on environmental awareness and responsibility as well as healthy lifestyles, diet and exercise. Participants have shown an increase in positive behavior, a growth in self-discipline and respect and a greater sense of responsibility towards their school, their work, and their project since beginning work on the garden. By giving students this unique educational experience that takes them outside the realm of traditional curricula, the school aims to ignite a lifelong passion and interest in learning about food and the environment that will last far beyond the first harvest of the garden.

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