Hausawa book hub

Year: 2023
Country: Nigeria
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $4,952.81

Project Launch: 1-9-24

Brainy brainers solution will use $4,952.81 from World Connect to construct a Hausawa book hub in Uguwar Uku, Tarauni district.  The proposed project is aimed at improving the literacy rate among secondary school girls in the community by promoting a healthy reading culture to 800 students through creating a reading hub that is conducive in which different books such as comics, educational, motivational will be kept to be used by the students. Not only that, the hub will also have different board games like scrabble, chess to improve their critical thinking skills, numeracy skills and literacy skills. Spelling bee competition will be used to assess the students on the new words they have learnt. This project is expected to help the girls to be able to read, spell correctly, write simple sentences and communicate effectively in English language. This project will also contribute to the socio economic growth of the community as it will contribute in shaping their culture as it concerns the girl child education.


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