Health Care Training of Barangay Health Care Workers and Parent Leaders

Year: 2015
Country: Philippines
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $1,397.73

Project Launch:

San Vicente is a local municipality in the Philippines that is comprised of nine villages. The local health unit is understaffed with only 15 health workers and very limited resources. Due to financial and political obstacles, the volunteer health workers have not been re-certified over the years, causing the community to seek medical care elsewhere, either far from home or with traditional medicine.

Through comprehensive health workshops, this project will re-certify village health workers as well as twenty five Parents Leaders, who visit their neighbors homes to check up on them as part of a national poverty alleviation program. The health workers and Parent Leaders will participate in a five day training, which will cover maternal/child care, herbal medication, common medical concerns, reproductive health, hygiene and nutrition. This project will also provide medical equipment, such as blood pressure monitors, scales, and thermometers for the health unit.

Project Update

Village health workers and Parent Leaders successfully completed a five day training led by health center staff, college professors, and First Aid representatives. Through interactive workshops and discussions, the women learned about maternal and infant health, proper hygiene and nutrition, and alternative medicine. As a result of the training, the village health workers are now officially certified and can be employed at their local health center, providing additional income to support their families. The village health workers are collaborating with the Parent Leaders to hold educational workshops in their respective neighborhoods to continue educating the community on important health topics.


"I have used my stethoscope to help a community member with checking blood pressure. Since the training, I feel confident as a parent leader and am able to help other parents within the community." - Leony, Project Participant 

"Without the training, I would not have known this important information or be able to respond to health concerns." - Agnes, Project Participant