Healthy Households

Year: 2015
Country: Peru
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $1,314.62

Project Launch: 12-31-15

Mullate is a remote, mountainous community in the district of Sarin, Peru. The community’s water system is contaminated, leading to frequent infections and water-borne illness. Collaborating with the health post and community health volunteers, thirty families will invest in locally crafted ceramic water filters, which will provide them access to potable water in their homes. Furthermore, each family will participate in workshops focused on nutrition, sanitation, hygiene, and safe water storage practices to encourage healthier lifestyles and habits.

Progress Update: 10/31/2016

The ceramic filters have been delivered and participating households have appreciated the newfound convenience of having drinkable water at home. Post-test diagnostics will be conducted to determine how significant the impact of the filters have been for project participants in the community.

Final Report: 1/31/2017

90% of participants significantly changed the way they maintained, processed, and treated water. 100% of participants knew how to properly clean and sanitize their hands. All participants expressed knowledge of gastrointestinal illness, microorganisms, and disease prevention strategies related to hygiene and water processing (boiling, filtering, bleaching).


"The health center is promoting that the family drinks more water, and the school is demanding the students bring a bottle of treated water to class. The ceramic filter allows the women of the family fulfill these demands while occupying much less time and effort than traditional methods.  This time saved will help the women of Mullate attend community meetings and become community leaders." - John, Peace Corps Volunteer

"It's beautiful because our water stays clean. Sometimes, we are in a rush and only have time to put some water in the filter and it's easier than boiling." - Project Participant

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