Inclusive Environmental Protection

Year: 2022
Country: Rwanda
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Environment
Project Investment: $4,878.22

Project Launch: 12-8-22

Musasa sector in Rutsiro district of the western province of Rwanda is one of the high altitude hilly areas. The community is prone to landslides during the rainy season washing away fertile top soil that is suitable for agricultural farming. This poses a challenge for smallholder farmers when soil erosion happens, they either lose their crops or their precious land that would be used to grow food for their families. Funding for this project will support the community to establish a tree nursery bed planted with different kinds of edible and non-edible tree seeds. Once the tree seedlings have germinated, they will be transplanted to farmers gardens to both protect the environment as well as provide fruits to improve family nutrition. A mass community-wide tree planting day will be organised in line with Rwanda's monthly self-help community service day locally known as Umuganda to plant trees along the banks of small streams and hillslopes. Atleast 1500 trees are expected to be planted in this community out of this project.