Home-Based Literacy program for children with disabilities

Year: 2023
Country: Rwanda
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $4,879.17

Project Launch: 12-14-23

In Gatenga Sector of Kicukiro District, located in Kigali City, we encounter a unique community characterized by its close-knit bonds and shared challenges. This community comprises more than 10 families who are facing significant difficulties due to the presence of children with disabilities. These children have not had the opportunity to access formal education, and as a result, they lack basic reading and writing skills.

Soma Foundation Rwanda in conjunction with Gatenga Sector Community will use a $4,879.17 co-investment from World Connect to implement an inclusive Home-Based Literacy Program to empower these children with disabilities  who have no access to traditional schools due to mobility issues and financial constraints by providing them with essential literacy skills. The project will develop a customized curriculum tailored to meet the specific needs and abilities of these children, focusing on the basic reading and writing skills and train educators who will be conducting home visits, delivering one-on-one or small-group literacy lessons to children with disabilities in the comfort of their homes. In addition the project will utilize digital resources, including SOMABOX devices and Key-X, a gadget meant for people with remote impairment to write on the computer, to deliver educational content that can be accessed without an internet connection and enable them to write using Key-x without any typing hindrance

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