Kadyalunda CBO Bee-Keeping Cooperative

Year: 2022
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $6,675.98

Project Launch: 10-18-22

Kadyalunda Community Based Organization will use the $6,675.00 grant from World connect to train its members in business management, purchase beehives, protective suits, training members in candle making from honey wax and building a bee house. The aim of the project is to grow their business and increase the income generation for the 28 members and over 100 students who are supported with scholastic materials.

Project Update: 2-6-23

In an effort to increase production and maximize profits, Kadyalunda CBO in Balaka district is in the process of expanding its business with a $6,675.98 grant from World Connect. In this phase ii project, the group has built a 10 X 5 bee house and purchased additional 20 beehives which have already been placed  in the house as they try a new way of keeping bees. . Additionally, the group has also successfully gone through a two-day Cooperative training with the Ministry of Trade and transitioned into a cooperative. What remains is for the group to conduct a honey value processing training and purchase remaining materials such as bee suits, gloves, blushes, smokers, processing machine, labels and bottles. The group is expected to finish all the activities in the next two months. 

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