Kalambo Junior Primary School Classroom Block Construction

Year: 2022
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $7,990.20

Project Launch: 12-23-22

Community members of Ntchilamiro village in Zomba district in collaboration with a CorpsAfrica Volunteer, Grace Sichinga will construct a two roomed classroom block at Kalambo Junior Primary School. The school has standard 1 to 5 classes which are accommodated in four classrooms with some of the students learning under a shade. This new classroom block will provide a good learning environment for the standard 5 students who are currently learning in a shade and provides the school an opportunity to increase the classes to standard six. The school currently has an enrolment of 600 students and the block will benefit over 120. 

Project Update: 1-24-23

Led by Grace Sichinga, a former Corps Africa Volunteer, Kalambo School Management Committee is constructing a two-classroom block at Kalambo Junior Primary School in Zomba district. The project is 60% towards completion remaining with the roof, floor, and painting before it is ready for use. Once completed, the block will provide a conducive teaching and learning environment to not less than 120 students per academic year. Additionally, the project will enable the school to increase its enrollment as classes will increase from standard four to six which will offer an opportunity for other children around the community to access education at the school. 

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