Kampot START Reading Program

Year: 2014
Country: Cambodia
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $500.00

Project Launch:

This project will provide educational materials and support for the Kampot START Reading Program (Students & Teachers All Reading Together), a cooperative program between the Kampot Provincial Teacher Training Center (PTTC) and the Anuwat Primary School in Kampot Town. The aims of the program are to empower female PTTC trainees as leaders and to provide educational support and increase reading and reading comprehension skills among primary school students.


Project Update

The reading program was a huge success. Over 200 primary school students and 100 female teacher trainees participated, and each grade had unique activities designed to match their reading levels. The community was very supportive of this program and many loco NGOs provided input/feedback and volunteered as judges during the monthly reading competitions. Since the beginning of START, the students have been enthusiastic and energetic about their reading hour, and the teachers have seen improvements with their reading comprehension levels.



"START provides me with a means of doing meaningful and sustainable work.  It's helped to make my time here fruitful and gratifying.  Seeing the excitement and progress of the students and the gratitude of the primary school teachers makes it well worth every effort." - Authea, Peace Corps Volunteer


"START program changed the students, especially female students. It allowed them to be brave in front of the class to present what they know and what they understand." - So, Project Leader


"START Reading Program competitions make me happy!" - Chye, 6, Project Participant 


"I can see the improvement in my students.  Those that couldn't read before have started to show improvement.  I'm thankful that my students participated in the START program." - Suwon,1st Grade Teacher, Project Participant

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