Kasangazi Bridge construction project

Year: 2023
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Unfunded
Impact Sector: Health
Investment Needed: $10,536.49
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Project Launch: 11-9-23

Mabwerachaje Village Development Committee (VDC) is joining hands with World Connect through a co-invested total of $14,578.63 to construct  a pivotal 12m by 6m bridge across the Lisangadzi River, situated in the heart of Mabwerachanje Village  in T/A Msakambewa, Dowa district. For years, the community has grappled with the challenges posed by the lack of a reliable bridge, particularly during the rainy season. The temporary bridge, which had been in place, often succumbed to flooding, rendering it impassable. This recurrent issue had profound implications for the local residents, hindering their ability to access crucial services, including healthcare at Ntchisi Hospital, markets where they traded their agricultural produce, their places of worship, and educational institutions. The project is poised to make a transformative impact, benefiting a total of 520 households within the community and  more members from surrounding communities. 

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