Year: 2017
Country: United States
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $2,000.00

Project Launch: 9-1-17

The Project leaders met in 2007 as founding members of Peace Corps' Gender & Development Initiative in Mauritania. There, they established and directed Girl Mentoring Centers in two cities while designing Peace Corps' inaugural Girls' Education & Empowerment curriculum (academic and life skills), which included cross-cultural initiatives such as the World Wise Schools program.

They wanted to continue their passion for building cross-cultural bridges, so they decided to capitalize on advancements in virtual reality technology by introducing it as an edtech tool. Thus, Kinful was born. Used by teachers around the world, Kinful is a social-emotional learning curriculum harnessing virtual reality to bring intercultural exchanges directly into the classroom. These virtual exchanges serve as a powerful experiential learning experience in unlocking social-emotional learning competencies. Kinful's curriculum and corresponding VR videos, complete with student assessments, are delivered through the app. Kinful believes social-emotional learning is one of the keys to promoting intercultural connections. 

With World Connect's support, Kinful is now launching in several new schools! 

Project Update: 5-1-18

Kinful is now in full swing at ELLIS, a World Connect school partner in the Bronx. ELLIS high school serves a student body mostly comprised of newly arrived immigrants and English language learners. A group of ELLIS students are implementing Kinful programming at their school!

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