The Kitchen Re-Up

Year: 2014
Country: El Salvador
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $498.75

Project Launch:

In El Rosario, there is a small women-led restaurant built from plastic garbage bags and recycled zinc sheets. The restaurant only has one plastic table that seats four customers at a time. The community loves the food prepared by these women but there is often nowhere to sit, and not enough utensils for all their customers. When outsiders see the location, they are often turned off and opt to buy food elsewhere.


This project will lead to important renovations and improvements to the restaurant, allowing the business to grow and to increase sales. The women will be provided with tables and chairs, allowing space for more customers. New dishware will be provided and a new blender will enable the women to make sauces and juices, adding variety to their menu. With a bigger dinning area, the restaurant will hold community meetings and events, transforming the tiny restaurant into a communal space.


Project Update

The renovations are complete and the restaurant now has a roof, new cooking equipment, and additional tables and chairs. The women are now able to accommodate more customers and the new ambiance has pushed their business in a positive direction. As a result of this project, the women are more confident and proud of their business.



"I am filled with pride because our small business is growing." - Jenny, Project Participant


"We feel like we have served as an example to other women in the community that they too can start and expand a business." - Bacilia, Project Leader

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