La Cocina Sana

Year: 2012
Country: Peru
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $674.65

Project Launch:

The local soup kitchen in the small town of San Pedro de Lloc currently serves food to the community's poorest families. However, the food served is very typically Peruvian, heavy on rice, potatoes and fried meat. La Cocina Sana (The Healthy Kitchen) is a project involving a group of women volunteers wanting to add variety to meals and provide the community with healthy alternatives. This project plans to organize workshops focused on the benefits of locally available fruits and vegetables and to train the women in small business development, aiding them in creating a local demand for their new dishes to sell in the local marketplace. The income generated will be reinvested into La Cocina Sana, ensuring the poorest families of San Pedro de Lloc continue to have access to low-cost, nutritious meals.

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