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Year: 2015
Country: Cambodia
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $3,366.50

Project Launch:

Hun Sen Svay Leu Primary School serves students from the surrounding rural villages, some of which are as far as 7km away. There is limited access to transportation for students, and as a result attendance rates are low. This project will lead to the construction of a satellite school in neighboring Omenchay Village for kindergarten and first grade students who otherwise cannot attend class at the main campus due to its location. Construction of the satellite school will include two latrines, and students will learn about proper hygiene and sanitation practices to help promote healthy habits and lifestyles. The project is designed to advance early childhood education and help reduce barriers to education in the district.

Project Update

Accompanied by the village chief, over 20 community members helped build the classroom and latrines. As a result of this project, 35 kindergarten and first grade students in Omenchay Village now have a permanent location to attend school. Classes officially started March 2016 and were supplemented with lessons on proper latrine use and hand washing techniques. Since being completed, the school continues to enroll new students and expects the class size to grow even larger next school year.


"How many years have I been trying to get this project done? I'm thankful the school is finally built. The school is for our children and our grand children so we will all make sure the school is maintained for years to come." - Prom, Project Leader

"I like to study and now it is easier to go to school!" - Vi, 6, Project Participant

"The new school is beautiful. I like learning here." - Nita, 7, Project Participant 

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