Legacy to Loom

Year: 2017
Country: Morocco
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $750.00

Project Launch: 7-26-17

Nestled where the Saharan foothills meet the eastern slopes of the High Atlas Mountains, Talsint is a place with a rich cultural history based on crafts and textiles. Ait Bou Ichaouen, one of the predominant tribes in the area, is known for its rare colorful rugs with striking designs and intricate patterns. Due to the nature of the landscape, this tribe was isolated from the rest of the rug world until about 1997, when their rugs were acknowledged by a larger audience. These rugs are unlike any others found in Morocco as the unique type of weaving reflects an older North African tradition now almost entirely lost. A handful of the current members of the Handicraft Association of Talsint are from the Ait Bou Ichaouen tribe and have access to the the treasured art and techniques of these special rugs. The Legacy to Loom Project was generated as a way to revitalize this unparalleled craft of rug making while also providing a means of economic opportunity for a group of women in rural Morocco.