Lideres del Futuro

Year: 2011
Country: Peru
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $494.82

Project Launch:

The Líderes del Futuro Project (Future Leaders) was a two-month program designed to prepare high school students for careers as future leaders through the promotion of creativity and leadership skills. Through bi-weekly sessions, students learned the basics of entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, teamwork, creative thinking, as well as vocational and professional skills, skills that are not taught as part of a basic curriculum. Students worked in groups to form their own businesses where they designed and marketed their own products. Each team designed a product logo and developed marketing tactics to promote their products. The program culminated with a business simulation where each group sold their product in town. Through the “Líderes del Futuro” program students learned about what it takes to build a business, teamwork, money management and thinking outside of the box. As part of the program, students were trained in traditional artisan crafts for the region and taught by local artisans who are successful entrepreneurs both locally and nationally. Students specifically learned the traditional artisanal techniques of Túcume or batik dying, pottery and pressed metalwork. Students will also learned from other outside professionals such as archeologists, university professors, doctors, and economists. These sessions opened their eyes to the array of professions that exist and will helps the students as they develop their future career and life goals and plans.