Lights Brighten Paradise

Year: 2016
Country: Panama
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Environment
Project Investment: $4,950.00

Project Launch: 12-23-15

Paraiso is a community located in the watershed of the Panama Canal. Although situated in a strategically important area, the rural settlement lacks consistent access to electricity which compromises residents' safety and reduces the available hours in which the community's children can study and complete homework. This project proposes the erection of several solar panels to electrify homes in the community to better meet the needs of local residents who typically plan their days around sunlight.  



"I have been very impressed with the participation and enthusiasm of community members in the lessons ranging from money managing tips to renewable energy. People's knowledge on energy has skyrocketed and they are genuinely interested in using solar power because it is clean energy and cost effective!" - Brenna, Peace Corps Volunteer
"Now that we have the panels we don't need to worry about if we have enough money each month to pay an electricity bill. It's also exciting to learn that if we ever get electricity out here we can continue to use our panels to lower the cost of our electric bill when needed." - Maria, Project Participant
"It was a wonderful experience to protect the environment here in our community to pickup the trash. I would like to teach my grandchildren to do the same so that we can continue to conserve the environment for all to enjoy!" - Zacarias, Project Participant

Final Report: 2-22-17

22 families in Paraiso have received new solar panels to power their homes after completing mandatory technical and environmental education training. The new panels will facilitate greater savings, at-home productivity, safety, and an increase in local quality of life. The community has also carried out a trash pick-up, sequestering and disposing of litter found in the village.  

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