Light Up Vista Alegre!

Year: 2017
Country: Panama
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Environment
Project Investment: $5,535.00

Project Launch: 7-6-17

Vista Alegre is a rural village in Panama that does not have access to electricity. The lack of power limits the academic and economic opportunities available to the community. Children must study by candlelight or flashlight in the evening and machinery cannot generally be operated without the use of a diesel generator, a hardship given the rural setting. Most productive activities can only occur during the daylight hours.

This project will provide approximately 38 households with solar panels that will provide power for residents. Often incomunicado due to the inability to charge cell phones, residents will also gain connectivity as a result of the installations. In addition, the community will learn about how to better manage their local environment, with lessons and workshops on sustainable trash collection and disposal practices.

Project Update: 8-15-17

The community has pursued several successful environment-related projects, including permagardening, community clean-ups, and workshops on renewable energy as well as training on project management and leadership. Several home now boast their own private organic gardens and the village is looking far cleaner these days!

Final Report: 11-10-17

The solar panels have been installed and the community has formed its own trash management committee (replete with an executive board) to promote sustainable refuse collection and incineration practices. Residents of the village have already begun to institute a protocol to better sequester and dispose of their garbage.

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