Year: 2009
Country: El Salvador
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $175.00

Project Launch:

A $175 grant was awarded by World Connect’s Kids to Kids program to paint a mural of a world map on one of the school’s walls in Centro Escolar Agua Fria. This project will allow the children to have a creative outlet, which is educational at the same time. It will also be an invaluable resource as there are no maps at the school, and the children will be able to accurately see where countries are in relation to them, rather than trying to guess from the crudely drawn maps that teachers make on the chalkboard. The map will also beautify the school and create more school spirit and personal pride. One teacher reported noticing a change in the children whom she had thought would lost interest in the initiative once the novelty wore off, but when the project was finished, students were still studying the map during recess or after school. Teachers also noticed increases in confidence and self-esteem among the students who painted the map, particularly when they were showing off the map to family and friends and pointing out which parts were “theirs” and showing off their knowledge about the region they painted.

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