Ganguel Maka Maternity Ward

Year: 2017
Country: Senegal
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $5,061.71

Project Launch: 11-22-17

The Health Committee of Ganguel Maka aims to build a maternity ward at the local health post to better serve the maternal and child health of the local community. Currently, all maternal healthcare is handled in one health post building. The building has the floorplan of a house and is not optimized for medical care. The facilities are in poor condition and with the growing population boom, are insufficient for a health post that serves over 5500 people. In addition, with only consultation room, the ICP (Infirmiere Chef de Poste) must handle both regular patients and pregnant women coming for prenatal visits. With so many people coming in, waiting times regularly exceed one hour. This can deter women from conducting these crucial visits for both their own health and that of their child. This project seeks to improve maternal and child health outcomes by developing the necessary infrastructure to facilitate the well-being of birthing mothers and their newborns.

Project Update: 3-12-18

The maternity ward is coming along steadily. This past weekend, the masons began taking down the planks and supports that had been holding up the roof the last two weeks. All that remains is the interior walls for the bathroom, mortar covering, and installation of doors and windows.

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