Modern Dance Academy in Monsefu

Year: 2012
Country: Peru
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $1,459.77

Project Launch:

Monsefu, Peru is a region 20 miles south the city of Chiclay in northern Peru and is known for its handicrafts and music. However, youth delinquency has been a growing problem as the city grows. Lack of education and jobs compounds the problem. An enterprising brother and sister team, he the choreographer and she the administrator, formed the Modern Dance Academy in March 2012. Grant funds from World Connect supported the renovation of their dance studio in order to develop the academy into a more robust business that can train young dancers in the region and incorporate dance more prominently into the lives of young people in Monsefu.



"It is such a pleasure to have seen Roberto's dance school idea grow from an idea, to a business plan, to a project, to an established business. As the school grows we are still learning and adapting to challenges, but Roberto has grown as a young professional and our town of Monsefu now has a fantastic youth-owned and managed center where teenagers and young adults can learn to express themselves, make new friends, and learn responsibility through teamwork and regional presentations." - Kim Ayers, Peace Corps Volunteer
"Having a school has shown me that I can be a teacher to young people, personally, artistically, and as a group. Having a school also requires me to learn more dance techniques because the students demand it from me. It has been an incredible opportunity to meet very talented people around the region and make new connections, which opened new doors for me personally and professionally. For example, my dance group has now been invited by the best dance school in the region to participate in weekly workshops for free, in order to present shows together." - Roberto Gonzales Guzman, Project Leader

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